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Where to Go After a Disaster

23 Nov

You can learn a lot about where to go for help after a disaster by studying the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina showed us what happened in a major disaster and what average people can expect.

A first thing to expect is that government response will be slow. It could be days or weeks before the military or rescue workers arrive to help you. Even when they do these people will be helping those who need help most and may not be able to do anything for persons not in immediate danger.

This means that you will probably have to seek things like food and water yourself. The first place you should go to get food and other basic supplies is the place you would normally go, namely supermarkets or discount stores. After Katrina managers and employees opened up stores and handed out food and other items to the public. In many cases they provided needed items to people at no charge.

If you work at a supermarket, hardware or discount store it might be a good idea to go to work. Even if the electricity is out, people may need your help handing out supplies. After Katrina, Wal-Mart and other retailers sent in truckloads of supplies that were distributed for free.

Volunteers and charitable organizations should also start appearing shortly after a catastrophe. These people will be doing things like handing out food and other supplies and helping people. You should have no problem locating these people and getting their help.

Groups like the Salvation Army could set up kitchens to cook food for people. They may also hand out other supplies including water, personal hygiene items and clothing. This means you should be able to get help if you need it. Many of these efforts will be organized in conjunction with the military and other authorities.

If you’re not doing anything you should consider pitching in and helping. Many of these groups will need help and they will probably appreciate it.

Some of the volunteers may also be able you to do things like fix up your home or clear debris. Many church groups come to help individuals after a disaster. A good place to seek help is the churches in your area.

At some point after the disaster, government and insurance company officials should come to help people with paperwork for insurance claims and government benefits. There should be facilities where you can meet with these people and get their help.

The main thing to remember is that after a disaster you won’t be alone. Many people will come to help you.


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