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Should You Be Prepared for Natural Disasters?

22 Nov

The fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina undoubtedly has many people wondering if they should be prepared for natural disasters. The answer to this question is yes a person should be prepared for natural disasters but in the right way.

Average people should take sensible precautions for natural disasters that might occur in their area. Californians should prepare for earthquakes and people on the Gulf Coast should prepare for hurricanes. On the other hand, people shouldn’t go overboard or let disaster planning take over their lives.

Instead people should take a few sensible precautions such as having a first aid kit and possibly supplies of food, bottled water, batteries and other basic supplies in their homes. Most people should also have an evacuation plan and a place to go if they are forced out of their home.

There is no reason for the average person to build an emergency shelter, stock up on seeds or guns and ammunition. Spending too much time and effort on disaster planning is a waste of both time and effort.

Indeed many people ignore some more sensible precautions that they should take such as having ways to access bank and credit card accounts and insurance policies. In many cases persons don’t take step to protect finances, government information etc.

A good way to begin preparation for disasters is to find out what kind of disasters might occur in your area. Then study the impact of past disasters to learn what precautions you should be taking. There are many websites and books that can show you what you need to do.

A next step would be to educate your family sit down with all family members that are old enough to understand and tell them what they will need to do. Your children should definitely be involved in the process if they are old enough to understand.

The final step is to be alert and observant about your world and what’s going on around you. Pay attention to the news and watch for items that might affect you. If you see reports about a looming disaster start taking sensible precautions. Something to remember is that those who are prepared will almost always be better off than those who are not.


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