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Natural Disaster Checklist – Make Sure You Are Prepared

20 Nov

When natural disasters hit, there is generally very little time to get yourself sorted out and make sure your family is kept safe. In that time, you need to think clearly and have a certain procedure and plan so that you are able to work efficiently and get yourself in a safe situation quickly. Here are some helpful tips to help you make a checklist for yourself in case of any natural disasters in the future.

Be Aware – Regularly check the local weather stations and keep up to date on the warning systems and alerts which will give you the earliest warning of any upcoming situations. The National Weather Service issues information and warnings when there is imminent danger in an area so that people are able to take precautions. By staying aware of these circumstances you will be able to stay abreast of the situation and lower your chances of being taken by surprise.

Know Where You Are Headed – If there is a need to take cover and get to a safe environment, then you need to know exactly where you will go in a given situation. It is also important that your family are all aware of this plan and know where to meet you if you are not all together. Make sure you include your pets in the evacuation plan and that you have a plan ready for where they will go in the event of a disaster.

Prepare the House – Make sure you are aware of where the main valves are for all the utilities in the house. It is important to turn off the mains switches for the gas, electric and water supplies to house. These can all be added dangers if there is a natural disaster and it is safer to have them all disconnected in an event.

Always have this information laid in plenty of time and make sure that everyone involved in the plan and who lives in your household are all aware of the details and are involved in the process. This allows the evacuation and safety to be quick and efficient. Have cell phones that are charged and have emergency numbers saved into the phone memory so that you always have them on hand.

Organization is the key. As long as you have a plan that everyone is aware of and involved in, this will limit any danger and confusion should a natural disaster occur in your area.


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