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Have a Disaster Preparedness Plan

21 Nov

Many individuals and families went through a lot of suffering during Hurricane Katrina because they didn’t have a disaster preparedness plan. If you don’t want your family to go through the same nightmare, you need a basic disaster preparedness plan.

All a disaster preparedness plan is a list of basic steps you can take if the unthinkable happens. You can make one up by thinking the unthinkable and creating some responses.

A good basic question you can ask yourself is: if we get forced out of our home where will we go? An answer might be grandma’s house or Uncle Joe’s place. Then ask yourself how will we get there? Will we drive or will we fly?

Other questions you might ask yourself are what will we do if the power goes out for a few days? How will we cook? What will we eat and how will we keep warm? If you can answer questions like this you will be creating a disaster preparedness plan.

Then you can sit down with your family and discuss the plan. It might go something like this: if a hurricane forces us out, we will all gather here at the house. Then we will drive to Uncle Joe’s house in Arkansas. The first thing we must do when he hear about a hurricane is to get back to the house.

Then you can delegate a few tasks for example dad can be in charge of getting the car ready by checking the oil and seeing if there is gasoline. The children can be in charge of loading the card while mom is in charge of getting the family financial information ready.

Dad can also be in charge of covering the windows in the house and turning off the gas and electricity while the family is gone. The kids can be in charge of throwing out the trash and extra food.

Something to remember is that even a bad plan is better than no plan. Simply planning will make you think about disasters and prepare for them. The more planning you do the better prepared you will be.


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