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5 Thing to Consider When Retaining a Defense Attorney

11 Jan

When you are on trial before judge and/or jury you are in a adversarial environment. The plaintiff is going to do everything in his power to take you down. Because of this you need to be sure that you have a strong and confident advocate on your side. Here are 5 things to consider if you ever need to hire a defense attorney.

  1. Determine area of expertise.
    Not all attorneys have experience in the matters that you may be called to answer for in court. Start by doing an Internet search using a modifier that that is┬árelevant┬áto your matter like: “criminal defense attorney”, “dui attorney”, “personal injury lawyer”, or “probate attorney”.
  2. Check their record with the State Bar.
    Its important that they be in good standing among their peers.
  3. What is their success rate?
    Most attorneys do not like to answer this question, but think about it. You are hiring someone to represent you in a court of law. Wouldn’t you rather have a lawyer that wins 4 out 5 cases instead of on that wins 50/50?
  4. When possible find an attorney that is local.
    For example if you are looking for a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney, you would want one that is intimately familiar with the laws of that State, County, Municipality as well as the rules of the court which vary from one jurisdiction to another. He is also likely to have long term relationships with local judges that may work in your favor.
  5. Be sure you feel they are trustworthy.
    This is difficult to quantify. However if you are confident in your attorney, it will show in your demeanor. This will also give you an edge in the courtroom. If you are nervous or uncertain the judge and jury will pick up on it and it could appear to them as an indication of guilt.

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